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Our Approach

Corporate Development

As part of an efficient allocation of human and financial resources, we stress the importance for our partners to play to their strengths and identify opportunities where bringing on additional help can free up existing team members to maximize the use of internal resources.

This can mean introducing new directors, senior management candidates, advisors, professional services, or specialized contractors to ensure that each team member is playing to their strengths and creating long-term value for the company.

Access to Capital

Just like each company has a unique value proposition, each capital provider has different investment criteria, so at the outset, we work with management to align expectations with the company on valuation, structure, and long-term capital strategy in order to align a syndicate of partners to support the financing.

We also have experience with a number of different transaction structures and are well positioned to recommend the most appropriate go-public mechanism (IPO, CPC, RTO, or strategic M&A) as well as coordinate the relevant parties to accomplish a desired transaction outcome.

Investor Relations

It is one thing to create an innovative new business model and another task to ensure that the value is effectively communicated to the correct audience to realize the company’s valuation potential. When a business’s value drivers are well understood and catalysts are clearly defined, investors are much more likely to become long-term supporters of the company.

We assist companies by identifying the appropriate investor and developing a strategy to specifically engage that group. This begins with building a compelling narrative and associated investment materials, identifying presentation opportunities, managing ongoing shareholder communication, coordinating digital marketing, and providing quantifiable insights for management to dynamically respond to any changes in market sentiment.